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prettyplant mulchZeager Bros., Inc. has been in business for 50 years. We have many years’ experience making landscaping mulch. All that time and experience has given us the knowledge and ability to not only make mulch that looks good, but also make mulch that is good for your soil and can improve the soil structure. Using mulch that improves the soil structure and quality will give your plants the nutrition and the environment they need to thrive. We test all of our mulches to ensure that you are purchasing quality mulch. Testing our natural mulches throughout the aging process gives us the confidence to say that our natural mulches have compost qualities and are stable and mature. We use only plant-based material with no manures or additives.

natural mulch #2

We have two new mulches available for 2018. The first one we want to highlight is our Natural #2 mulch. It is very similar to the Natural #1 blend that has become a favorite of Zeager Bros., Inc. and that many of our clients have come to love. It is a little courser of a grind and there is a smaller amount of bark in the ingredients. 

The second mulch that is new for 2018 is our Value Dyed Black. This mulch will appeal to those homeowners who are looking for a coarser or chunkier mulch. Maybe you are in an area on top of a hill where wind might blow a fine mulch out of the landscape and onto your walk or porch. Value Dyed Black mulch may not be as easily blown by the wind. It also has some composted qualities.

valued dyed black mulch

Our retail office will be opening for the season on Saturday, March 31, 2018! Our hours will also be extending until 6 PM Monday through Friday and we will be open 8 AM – 12 PM Saturday mornings. Stop by and see our selection of mulches! We will help you find the right mulch for your project. Until then, we will be happy to serve you in our main office across the parking lot.

We are looking forward to serving you in any way that we can in 2018!