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Natural Mulch


PrettyPlant® Natural Mulch is available in two mixes that both insulate the soil from temperature extremes and conserves soil moisture. It is all natural, 100% plant derived, fully cured and made without dyes or animal waste. Our #1 blend is a triple grind and our #2 blend is a double grind.

PrettyPlant® Natural mulch really is the perfect finishing touch! There’s nothing quite like attractive landscaping mulch to provide the perfect finishing touch for any property. PrettyPlant® Natural mulch from Zeager Bros., Inc. is a 100% natural landscaping mulch that has been a preferred choice of landscaping professionals and property owners in PA and beyond for many years. Applying PrettyPlant® Natural mulch is a cost-effective way to transform the look of your property and enhance its natural beauty.

Product Details

Key Features
  • Improves soil structure.
  • Fully cured and stable
  • No dyes, plant derived, no manures
  • Choice of double or triple grind

Natural Wood Mulch for Sale in Pennsylvania and Nearby States

Since the early 70’s, Zeager has been making mulch products for PA, DE, MD and NJ customers. We believe that natural elements make the most beautiful landscapes. The right mulch minimizes evaporation, reduces weed growth, slows erosion and improves your soil. That is why our mulches are made from organic matter and natural materials. From natural mulches to colored mulches, our products will be delivered to you promptly with dependable drivers and excellent customer service.

Single, Double and Triple Ground Mulch in a Wide Variety of Gorgeous Colors

Zeager Bros, Inc. offers superior natural bark mulch for sale in Pennsylvania that is single, double and triple processed to a fine consistency. Our rich, dark mulch is naturally aged and fully cured. Our planting mulch is tested to compost standards, builds soil and plant health, is higher in plant available nitrogen, and serves as 2-in-1 planting and decorative mulch.

Our colored mulch is made from naturally occurring colorants that will not harm plants or animals. This long-lasting mulch will also maintain its color throughout the year – it will look just as gorgeous in February as it does in August! It can be purchased in an array of beautiful colors that includes Dark Walnut, Coffee Brown (available in PA only), Black, Natural and Starburst Red.

Other Key PrettyPlant® Benefits

Applying our landscaping mulch can also benefit your property. All of our mulches are made from plant materials – no manures! Our mulch helps to maintain soil moisture, which can reduce the need for extensive watering. It can also insulate your soil from temperature extremes and improve overall soil structure — you’ll appreciate how easy our mulch is to maintain, too!

PrettyPlant® Mulch Can Be Found in Many Places

PrettyPlant® mulch is used in various landscaping applications on properties throughout the region. Our brown-colored mulch is a prominent feature of the landscaping of Messiah College in Mechanicsburg, PA, and our black-colored mulch can be seen on the grounds of the Masonic Village in Elizabethtown,  PA.  Many home owners and landscapers have made PrettyPlant® mulch a part of their landscaping efforts, and we also serve golf courses, schools, churches, universities, hotels, retirement communities, shopping centers, and municipalities.

Our landscape mulch is also backed by excellent customer service. Our product experts can help you choose the best mulch for your property, and we can ship your order directly to your location — or you can save money by picking it up yourself. By buying directly from the manufacturer and not a distributor, you can also take advantage of money-saving cash discounts.

Buy Your Landscaping Mulch from an Experienced Company

Zeager Bros., Inc. has been in business for over 50 years. What began as a family-owned and operated sawmill has expanded into one of the largest mulch producing operations on the entire East Coast. In addition to landscaping mulch, we also offer safe playground mulch for sale, as well as other eco-friendly equine footing, green roof, animal bedding, and soil and erosion control products.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Landscape Mulch

PrettyPlant® mulch can provide you with a lush, rich landscaping solution to enjoy throughout the year. To learn more about the wide range of environmentally friendly landscape mulch products and services, contact Zeager Bros., Inc. today. We’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation price quote.

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