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TuffMat Zero-Fill Mats for Playground Safety





No more unsightly holes, messy puddles or costly maintenance headaches.

Safety is paramount on any playground, especially under and around swing sets, spinners and sliding boards. Placing high-quality playground wear mats positioned to cushion the fall of playing children goes a long way in helping to reduce the rate of accidents and injuries. If you’re building a new playground or looking for ways to improve the look and safety of an existing one, Zeager Bros., Inc. offers the innovative solutions you’re looking for at reasonable prices.

Unfortunately, injuries happen on busy playgrounds where children are using apparatus such as tire swings, jungle gyms, merry go rounds and other equipment where there’s a potential for falls. That’s where new Zeager Zero-Fill™ TuffMat® mats work their hardest. You get the protection needed to keep kids safe and ensure your public, school yard, daycare or other outdoor play areas are certified safe and comply with all ASTM standards for ADA and they are easy to install!
























Tuffmat® Zero-Fill™ Mats


Various types of heavy-duty foam

Impact rating:

Protect Plus Certified for 8′



5-Year Warranty (must be installed & maintained per Zeager specification)



42″ x 60″ x 9″   universal (surface area 30″ x 48″)




ADA Compliant

How TuffMat® Zero-Fill™ Mats Work

Zeager Zero-Fill™ mats are made of various types of heavy-duty foam and offer an impact rating Protect Plus-certified for 8 feet. These solid, full-depth wear mats require no fill under or above the mat. You just place resilient Zero-Fill™ mats on the ground and spread our WoodCarpet® engineered wood fiber system around them. Our playground slide mats come in a variety of standard sizes to fit universal swings, spinners or tire swings and just about any other surface area you require.

Zero-Fill™ mats provide enhanced impact absorption to reduce the change of injuries and improve the safety appeal of outdoor playgrounds. And like all TuffMat® products, Zero-Fill™ mats keep the play area level by eliminating “kick out,” ensuring a no-trip play environment. We perform a comprehensive range of tests to confirm our recreational surfaces exceed the standards of what’s generally thought of as safe and acceptable. Zero-Fill™ mats … there’s nothing like them on the market.

Easy to Install and Maintain Playground Wear Mats

One of the most valuable benefits of investing in TuffMat® Zero-Fill™ Mats is how simple and straightforward they are to work with. All you need to do is have them installed, and you never have to worry about them again. In fact, Zero-Fill™ mats require zero maintenance and will maintain their look and protective qualities despite outdoor elements and heavy usage for years to come.

Partner with Zeager for Safe Recreational Surfaces

At Zeager, our focus is on delivering playground surfaces that are naturally better for improved safety, accessibility, easy maintenance, durability and offer overall more significant value. We are a leading North American manufacturer of play area surfaces that meet the highest standards. Our recreational surfaces are field-tested, third-party-certified and adhere to ADA, ASTM, CPSC and CSA requirements.

Additional reasons to choose our one-of-a-kind playground slide mats for improved fall protection include:

  • Cost-effective, top-quality solutions that completely solve your safety and accessibility concerns
  • Natural products that are sustainably produced and are easier on the environment
  • A family-owned company that’s been serving customers for more than 50 years
  • Unsurpassed customer service and after-sale technical support

Place Your Order for Tuffmat® Zero-Fill™ Mats Today

Zeager is a proud innovator in engineered wood fiber (EWF) and advanced playground and recreational surfaces. We are the developers of the original EWF products and the trailblazers in manufacturing EWF for surfacing applications. From our extensive industry experience to our dedication to building long-term relationships by offering a fast response to our customers’ needs, we strive to be the single source for the play area surface solutions you require.

Contact us to discuss your next project or request a free quote for TuffMat® playground wear mats today.



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Zeager’s foam WoodCarpet Mats are great!  They are easy to install with the anchoring system that keeps the mats in place.   We have WoodCarpet Mat’s that were installed 5 years ago and WoodCarpet Mats that were installed last month and you cannot tell the difference.  We would recommend Zeager’s products to everyone!

- Rockwood School District Missouri
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