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Colored Mulch




Do you want to add a little color to your landscaping? Zeager Bros., Inc. offers dyed mulch for sale in Pennsylvania and beyond that will look fantastic on your property. You’ll get attractive, long lasting, high quality mulch that adds beauty and variety to your landscape. It is made with colorants that are natural and non-toxic to plants and animals. Our colored mulch for sale is available in Black, Coffee, Brown.

Colored Mulch vs. Regular Mulch

You may know mulch is used as a decorative addition to a garden or yard, but did you know it has several other benefits as well? Beyond the attractive, appealing aspect, PrettyPlant® natural mulch and colored mulch:

  • Helps maintain soil moisture in specific areas, such as flowerbeds and tree and shrub circles. Because the mulch keeps the moisture right at the base of the plants, evaporation is reduced.
  • Regulates temperature, protecting your plants and flowers from surprise hot and cold spells. This is especially helpful when you have recently planted, and your plants are sensitive to temperature extremes.
  • Simplifies lawn and garden maintenance. Stray weeds growing in mulch are easy to see and remove, and using a trimmer to keep your lawn tidy at the edge of your mulch bed is a cinch.

As for the question of colored versus natural mulch, the choice is up to you. It all depends on the style of yard you have, and how much you want to highlight various features. Some customers prefer the simple, discrete look of natural mulch, which blends in beautifully to natural surroundings. Others prefer the more visual style of our black, coffee, brown or red mulches. You might even choose several different colors to create a dramatic effect in the various areas of your lawn and garden. Colored landscape mulch is designed to be consistent and resistant, and keep your flowerbeds looking great for a long time.

Contact us today and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about our affordable, attractive colored and natural mulches!

Other Mulch Benefits

In addition to improving the appearance of your landscaping, our dyed mulch will maintain soil moisture and insulate your soil from temperature extremes. It’s also cost-effective and easy to maintain. And when you buy your colored mulch from Zeager Bros., Inc., you’ll enjoy prompt, courteous service. Place your mulch order by noon, and we can often deliver it the next day. You can also save money by picking it up yourself.

Learn More About Our Dyed Mulch for Sale in Pennsylvania and Beyond

Contact us today to learn more about how dyed mulch can improve the appearance and health of your landscaping. We can also provide a no-obligation price quote.

Product Details

Key Features
  • Long lasting color
  • Consistent appearance
  • Colors not toxic to plants or animals
  • Several colors to choose from

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