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TuffMat® Outdoor Playground Mats

When you’re looking to replace or install new protective playground surfaces, Zeager Bros., Inc. is a comprehensive source for innovative solutions that improve safety and accessibility. We offer TuffMat® outdoor playground mats for under swings, sliding boards, jungle gyms, spinners, and other equipment and apparatus. Whether you’re upgrading a small playground or planning to build a large municipal park, we have the quality products you’re looking for at competitive prices.

Our TuffMat® mats provide no-trip fall protection that’s safer and more effective than loose-laid playground mats. When used in conjunction with our WoodCarpet® engineered wood fiber surface, you benefit from a more level surface that eliminates “kick-out.” Zeager’s innovative line of playground swing TuffMat® Surface Mats features beveled edges, a distinctive concave shape and a fastening mechanism that combine to lock the mats in place and help retain the WoodCarpet® system underneath for a safer play environment that meets ADA compliance.

Additional benefits of purchasing TuffMat® commercial playground swing mats for your next project include:

  • Quick and easy installation and minimal upkeep requirements
  • Surface mats designed for natural water absorption and superior wear resistance
  • Full warranty when installed and maintained according to Zeager instructions

Long-Lasting and Easy-to-Maintain Commercial Playground Swing Mats

When playground surfaces start to wear down, it not only negatively impacts the visual appeal but also creates a variety of potential safety concerns. Turned-up corners or gaps between materials can cause trips and falls, while reduced padding provides inadequate fall protection.

When the safety of children is your responsibility, it’s crucial to invest in outdoor mats with the strength and quality to continue to look great and serve as a vital safety feature over time. Our playground fall protection mats are Protect Plus certified for safety and comply with all ASTM standards for ADA. TuffMat® Surface Mats and Zero-FillTM solid, full-depth wear mats are easy to care for. Say “goodbye” to ugly holes, messy puddles of collected rainwater and additional costs relating to maintenance, repairs and replacements.

If you’ve been exploring your options in playground swing mats, you won’t find anything quite like TuffMat® products anywhere on the market. Just install TuffMat® mats on top of Zeager’s WoodCarpet® engineered wood fiber surface at entrances and exits, slides, spinners, and other high-traffic areas for lasting playground safety.

Zeager: Producing High-Quality Surfaces for 50 Years

Founded in 1967, Zeager is a third-generation, family-owned and -operated producer of well-crafted recreation and landscape surfaces. We’re the first company to develop Engineered Wood Fiber products for surface applications, as well as the first to manufacture a “no-trip” high-traffic wear mat for installation over the wood chip and EWF materials. Whether you are in the market for TuffMat® outdoor playground swing mats or any of our other recreation surfaces, we offer solutions that keep play areas level, improve accessibility and fall protection, and reduce maintenance.

At Zeager, we focus on delivering naturally beautiful and safe surfaces for play areas and recreation. Our commercial swing mats and other playground products are produced locally using green manufacturing practices and materials and are third-party tested and certified.

Contact Us to Learn More About Our Playground Fall Protection Mats

Don’t take chances with something as important of the safety of children while they play at your school, daycare center or other outdoor playground settings. Trust the experts at Zeager to deliver aesthetically pleasing and exceptionally durable protective mats for your recreational or play area. We’re a reliable source that’s continually investing in the quality of our products and we offer unsurpassed customer service and support dedicated to your 100% satisfaction.

Contact Zeager Bros., Inc. for more information about our playground slide and swing set mats and to receive a free TuffMat® quote today. Don’t forget to view our project photo gallery for inspiration for your next job.

Don’t take chances with something as important of the safety of children while they play at your school, day care center or other outdoor playground settings. Contact Zeager Bros., Inc. for more information about our playground slide and swing set mats and to receive a free TuffMat® quote today.

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