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TuffMat Surface Mats


Designed to be used under swings, at the exit and entrance to slides, spinners and other high traffic areas of your playground, our superior TuffMats® are more effective than any other wearmat. Their beveled edges and unique concave shape keep loose WoodCarpet® underneath them. 

 TuffMat® Surface Mats are installed on top of the surface keeping the area level and eliminating all kickout, which means maximum accessibility and fall protection where it is needed most.   

TuffMat® Playground Fall Protection Mats

Safety is paramount on any playground, TuffMat® mats from Zeager Bros. Inc. help to create a safer environment for children at schools, day care centers and other outdoor settings by providing enhanced protection against the falls that are a frequent occurrence on any playground.

What Are TuffMats®?

TuffMat® Resilient Wear Mats are playground slide mats designed for use under swings and at the entrance and exit to sliding boards and other high-traffic playground areas that are prone to falls. More effective than other wear mats on the market, TuffMats® feature a distinct concave shape, beveled edges and an easy-to-use fastening mechanism that will hold the underlying WoodCarpet® in place, even during heavy use. They also produce a level surface that eliminates kick-out, resulting in a “no-trip” fall protection solution that is far superior to those loose-laid swing set mats that seldom remain in place.

Top Playground Mats for Under Swings

We manufacture these sturdy, resilient playground swing mats from heavy-duty vinyl over a 1” recycled polyethylene foam base that ensures superior fall protection — while being able to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. Available foam mat sizes include:

  • 36″ x 48″ Universal (can be used as slide or under swing set mats as well as play panels & transition platforms)
  • 72″x 88″ Swing Bay

TuffMats® can also accommodate larger or irregularly shaped surfaces if needed.  All TuffMat® products include a five-year conditional limited warranty for your protection and peace of mind.

TuffMats® Are Easy to Install and Maintain

Looking for the best playground mats for under swings? We’ve made our TuffMat® Resilient Wear Mats simple to install. We give you access to easy-to-follow instructions and resources that make for a fast, hassle-free installation — you’ll just need to ensure you comply with playground standards regarding clearances underneath sliding board exits, swing seats and other playground components.

TuffMats® are also designed to prevent holes and puddles, which reduces maintenance.   


Product Details - Tuffmat® Surface Mats


Heavy-duty vinyl top over 1″ recycled polyethylene foam base.

Impact rating:

Protect Plus Certified for 12′ (1″ foam mat over 11″ EWF)



5-Year Warranty (must be installed & maintained per Zeager specification)


Foam Mat Sizes:

36″ x 48″ Universal (Swing or slide)

72″x 88″ Swing Bay



ADA Compliant

WARNING: This product can expose you to Nickel antimony yellow rutile (C.I. Pigment Yellow 53) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or Diisodecyl phthalate which is known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

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Zeager’s foam WoodCarpet Mats are great!  They are easy to install with the anchoring system that keeps the mats in place.   We have WoodCarpet Mat’s that were installed 5 years ago and WoodCarpet Mats that were installed last month and you cannot tell the difference.  We would recommend Zeager’s products to everyone!

- Rockwood School District Missouri
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