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Protect Plus+




As the first supplier of Engineered Wood Fiber in the United States, Zeager has always understood the value in producing the safest product with the highest quality.  The idea that we are protecting future generations has never been lost on us. 

Added Safety Margin

As playground surfacing ages, it typically loses resiliency and fall safety becomes compromised. ProtectPlus+™ is a rigorous certification program that exceeds other playground surface certifications.  Using independent, third-party testing labs, products are tested to perform 20% better than current ASTM fall safety standards. We believe this provides the playground owner with a significant advantage to counter the effects of wear and tear, UV degradation, weather and other factors that reduce safety over time.

Safety Plus Accessibility

ProtectPlus+™ requires more testing than other certification programs. Besides the testing required by other certification programs like ASTM F1292, which only tests for critical fall height (the highest height before failing), ProtectPlus+ also tests for how the surface performs at specific heights (ASTM F3351).  Additional tests for Accessibility, Firmness & Stability, and Flammability ensure the highest quality of products. 

Lab and Field Testing

ProtectPlus+™ requires both lab and field testing to ensure products are performing as they should in the closely controlled lab environment as well as an actual playground environment.

Lower Risk

With so many playground injuries occurring from falls, playground owners should understand what ASTM F1292 means and what a 20% reduction in that same test looks like. Compared to a surface that is tested to ASTM F1292, a ProtectPlus+™ surface could decrease the chance of certain types of injury up to 45%! Why choose certification that just meets minimum requirements? Now there is a better option to manage risk, ProtectPlus+™certified surfaces. 









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