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Staying compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is critical when designing school playgrounds, parks and other recreational spaces. Aside from the legal consequences of noncompliance, the ADA serves as a guideline for creating accessible play areas — an important consideration when building spaces for young people, which by their nature should be inclusive of everyone.

ADA playground guidelines are extensive and one often overlooked area is the use of loose fill surfacing materials such as engineered wood fiber. Engineered wood fiber is known for its affordability, impact absorption and slip-resistance qualities that can make it a useful part of a new playground design. It can also be used to retrofit older play areas to meet current ADA accessibility guidelines.

Zeager Bros., Inc. is a pioneer in engineered wood fiber. In the attached article, we look at some of the ways our products can be used to meet ADA accessibility guidelines, as well as some general considerations for designing compliant play areas. Download it today to learn about your requirements for creating accessible entry and exit routes, clear floor spaces, proper drainage systems and more.

As a service to our customers, we’ve made this exclusive article about ADA playground guidelines a free download. Check it out today or contact one of our representatives for more information about this important topic.