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When it comes to playgrounds, the priority is to provide an environment that’s fun, healthy and, above all, safe for kids to enjoy. So there are good reasons for us all to question if recycled rubber mulch, also known as “crumb,” is the right choice for playgrounds.

If you’re a parent of a young child or manage or oversee a playground, you might have heard a lot of debate around the pros and cons of rubber mulch. In recent years, rubber mulch — commonly made from recycled rubber tires — has risen in usage across the U.S. because of its …

Playground surfacing under swingset

Whether you’re charged with caring for and maintaining a playground or you’re planning to build a new one, it’s essential to know how long various types of playground surfaces will last and when it’s time to replace them.

When it comes to playground surface life expectancy, it comes down to a few critical factors. These include the materials the flooring, pathways, carpet, synthetic grass, protective mats, and other surfaces are made of and whether or not they were correctly installed.

Traditional Playground Surface Life Expectancy

High-quality poured-in-place and rubber tile playground flooring, as well as artificial turf, will commonly last …