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prettyplant mulchZeager Bros., Inc. has been in business for 50 years. We have many years’ experience making landscaping mulch. All that time and experience has given us the knowledge and ability to not only make mulch that looks good, but also make mulch that is good for your soil and can improve the soil structure. Using mulch that improves the soil structure and quality will give your plants the nutrition and the environment they need to thrive. We test all of our mulches to ensure that you are purchasing quality mulch. Testing our natural mulches throughout the aging process gives us …

pink flowerPlanting in mulch provides a number of important advantages for any yard, garden or landscaping project. Mulch helps soil retain moisture, which results in a much healthier plant stock. Other important benefits of mulch include reducing weed growth, providing much-needed nutrients to soil, preventing soil compaction and even making plants less susceptible to damage from mowers and other lawn equipment.

What Is the Best Kind of Mulch for Landscaping Purposes?

Take a quick look around your home and property you’re likely to find numerous materials that can make excellent mulch. You can also purchase mulch at …

Mulch can be an important addition to any yard or garden; however, it must be applied properly and strategically. Even many experienced landscapers will end up using too much or applying it incorrectly. This can inadvertently inhibit plant growth and cost you both time and money.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of mulch and how to use it properly.

What Is Mulch, and What Are Its Benefits?

Any product applied to the topsoil of a planting bed can be considered mulch. Mulches may be organic (made from plant- or animal-derived materials), or inorganic (gravel, stone, or …